Educational Technologies    (Leader: Irene Polycarpou)

Educational Software

Use of technologies (e.g., smart mobile devices, tablets, wikis, blogs, potcasts, videoconferencing, and social media) in K-12 education

K-12 education

Computer Science Education

Computer science curriculum

Female participation in computer science

Networks  (Leader: Josephina Antoniou)

Wireless networks

Mobile networks

Mathematical modelling for networks

Topics in cloud computing

Wireless Sensor Networks

Computer and Network Security  (Leader: Eliana Stavrou)


Critical infrastructures protection

Virtualization for security testing

Wireless, mobile, ad-hoc and sensor networks

Cloud-based Infrastructure & Internet of Things (IoT)

Network Systems Performance

Software Engineering (Leader: Nearchos Paspallis)

Ubiquitous Computing


End-User Development

Data Management for Systems and Networks   (Leader: Panayiotis Andreou)

Smartphone Networks

Wireless Sensor Networks

E-Health and Ambient and Assisted Living

Computer Vision   (Leader: Paris Kaimakis)

Markerless Motion Capture

Multi-Target Tracking

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Telecommunications and Mobile Technologies (Leader: Marios Raspopoulos)

Wireless Networks:

Modern Wireless Communication Systems

Radio Propagation/Radio Channel Modelling

Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation

Smart Homes/Cities/Hotels: The role of Telecommunications & Mobile technologies

Mobile Technologies

Multi-Disciplinary application of ICT

Renewable Energy Systems (UK Team)


Combinatorics   (Leader: Demetres Christofides)

Statistics   (Leader: Milto Hadjikyriakou)


Children’s problem behaviour  (Leader: Militsa Nikiforou)

Parenting  (Leader: Militsa Nikiforou)

Attitudes towards society and conflict  (Leader: Militsa Nikiforou)

Cognitive Development   (Leader: Kalypso Iordanou)

Beliefs  (Leader: Kalypso Iordanou)

Face Processing  (Leader: Lilia Psalta)

Processing Emotional Faces  (Leader: Lilia Psalta)

Lip Reading Processing in Children with Language Impairments  (Leader: Lilia Psalta)

Sport and Exercise Science

Exercise Physiology

Exercise and Physical Activity