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INterdisciplinary Science Promotion &
Innovative Research Exploration

Some words about us

Our Mission

The InSPIRE centre was developed with the mission to support the advancement and development of scientific research by establishing a culture of innovative partnerships within different science disciplines (e.g. computing, engineering, mathematics, psychology and sports and exercise science) for the utilization of state-of-the-art practices and the realization of cutting-edge research and innovative programmes and activities. To achieve the centre's vision, its resident members work closely with internationally respected and distinguished researchers, academics, industry professionals and policy makers to develop in three main areas: research and knowledge transfer, service/outreach to the community and education.

Main activities

Some of the main activities of the centre are focused on cutting edge responsible research and innovation, undergraduate research projects and mentoring of undergraduate students, industry engagement (for the purpose of enhancing students' knowledge and practical skills, enhancing existing curriculum, and developing collaborative research projects), community engagement and outreach (promotion of science education, awareness on science impact, female participation in STEM, organisation of research seminars, workshops and professional trainings for the community).


Research specialisations of the resident faculty and associates of InSPIRE include but are not limited to Computing, Telecommunications, Mathematics, Psychology and Sport and Exercise Science.


Our latest Publications

Christophorou C., Georgiades D., Andreou P., Kleanthous S., Cereghetti D.M., Meijers J., Christodoulou E., Samaras G. (2016) “ICT Systems and Services: Identification and Assessment of a Package of ICT Services for Ageing Well”. XIV Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing (MEDICON 2016), March 31st - April 2nd 2016, Paphos, Cyprus. (Accepted for Publication)
Georgiadis D., Christophorou C., Kleanthous S., Andreou P., Santos L., Christodoulou E., Samaras G. (2016) “A Robotic Cloud Ecosystem for Elderly Care and Ageing Well: The GrowMeUp Approach”. XIV Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing (MEDICON 2016), March 31st - April 2nd 2016, Paphos, Cyprus. (Accepted for Publication)
Phokaides P., Andreou P., Antoniou G., Pyla P., Samaras G. (2015) “Architectural Historiography and Database Design: An Alliance to Empower Research in Modern Heritage”. International Conference on Sustainability in Architectural Cultural Heritage (BIOCULTURAL 2015), December 11, 2015, Limassol, Cyprus.
Belk M., Germanakos P., Andreou P., Samaras G. (2015) “Towards a Human-centered E-Commerce Personalization Framework”. International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI 2015), December 6-9, 2015, Singapore.
Andreou P., Georgiadis D., Pamboris A., Christophorou C., Samaras G. (2015) “Towards a backend framework for supporting affective avatar-based interaction systems”. European Conference on Ambient Intelligence 2015 (AmI-15), 11-13 November 2015 - Athens, Greece.

Our latest News

Mediterranean Science Festival (03-06/12/2015)

Virtual Reality Fashion presentation. More info here

The retail store of 2020 (26/11/2015)

The retail store of 2020, Hilton, Nicosia, Cyprus.More info here